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Yacht Charter in the British Virgin Islands

Welcome to YachtCharter.vg, your source of information for sailing and motor yacht charters in the BVI. Whether you are looking to charter a monohull, catamaran, trimaran or motor yacht, and wether you are looking for a crewed charter, or prefer to captain yourself on a bareboat, you will find all the information here to make your sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands unforgettable.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI for short) are one of the most popular places in the world to spend a week or two on your own private yacht charter. Made up of around 50 volcanic islands, and cays, and with almost constant trade winds, the sheltered waters of the BVI offer the ultimate in a sailing or motor yacht vacation. There are numerous restaurants and bars, stunnning coral reefs to snorkel or scuba dive on, warm waters and beautiful white sandy beaches.

In the British Virgin Islands you will find safe anchorages, waterside restaurants, gentle sailing, lively nightlife in the many bars and night clubs, gorgeous snorkeling, stunning beaches and friendly faces. The British Virgin Islands really are one of the most perfect yacht charter destinations and are ideal for a family or group vacation on the water.

The incredible scenery, stunning sunsets and azure waters are all the better for being slightly off the beaten track. This is not a 'mass tourism' destination. There are no direct flights from major tourism locations, with most visitors having to travel through Puerto Rico or one of the other Caribbean transport hubs.

Although a peacefull paradise now, the British Virgin Islands was once home to pirates and buckaneers. The famous 'Dead Chest' is a cay on which Blackbeard is reputed to have abandoned a rebellious crew, left only with a bottle of rum, and the notorious 'Black Sam Bellamy' leaves behind Bellamy Cay, now home to a great restaurant, the 'Last Resort' just off Trellis Bay.

Tortola is the largest Island, which is home to most of the yacht charter companies operating in the BVI. Virgin Gorda is the second most populated and has a very laid back atmosphere and an incredible bolder strewn landscape. Other Islands include Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, Norman, Ginger, Cooper, Peter Island, Great Camanoe, and of course, Sir Richard Branson's exclusive island resort of Necker Island. The population of the entire British Virgin Islands is estimated at around 22,000 in 2006.

Most yacht charterers at some point in their sailing vacation make a stop at Jost Van Dyke, either to sample the famous 'Painkiller' cocktails at the Soggy Dollar Bar on White Bay, or to Foxy's in Great Harbor for a lively atmosphere and live music. Foxy's also puts on a popular full moon party, as lively as those at Trellis Bay and Bomba's Shack on Tortola.

The main yacht charter season runs from November to July, peaking from mid-December to March when the waters are busiest ... but rest assured, there is plenty of room for all, and it is almost always possible to find a deserted beach entirely to yourself if you are in the mood for solitude.

The British Virgin Islands have a well developed yacht charter business, and you will find excellent quality provisioning and amenities for your every need. Wether you are looking to charter a sailboat, catamaran, monohull or motor boat, you will definitly find the British Virgin Islands has what you are looking for.

Crewed Yacht Charters;

A crewed yacht charter in the BVI is the ultimate in luxury, adventure and relaxation. Many of the yachts have a speciality, whether it's scuba diving, water sports, mountain biking or fine cuisine, you will find details of a great variety of yachts for varying budgets below. To book your yacht you will need to contact a charter broker who will arrange your vacation, match you with the right crew, and of course be a point of contact should anything go wrong.

It is important to choose a broker that knows the boats well, and is up to date with crew changes. Therefore we recommend a yacht charter broker that is actually based in the BVI as they are often the first to hear of last minute availability, and any special offers that you might be able to take advantage of. A broker costs you nothing (as their fees come from the boat owners, not you, the charterer) and can make a great difference and personal touch to your sailing or motor yacht adventure.

Although we highly recommend Destination BVI , a complete list of crewed yacht charter providers is available on the BVI Tourist Board website.

Crewed Yachts - Monohulls.
For pricing details contact your broker!

GLORY      37
AMICUS      40
CORUS      46
QWEST      46
HONIARA      44
DREAM      50
LA CREOLE       50
HITAUK      62
MARGAUX      54
STENELLA      63
ELECTRA      68
LIFE SONG      68
LIBERTE      66
CAP II      76
TABOO      81
SHAITAN      82

Crewed Yachts - Multihulls.
For pricing details contact your broker!

QUICKSILVER      40'      6
FREE INGWE      45'      6
JET STREAM      45'      6
SWISH      50'      6
SLIPSTREAM      51'      6
ALDEBARAN      57'      6
AURORA      58'      6
SEA CHATEAU      50'      7
FLYING GINNY VII      55'      8
BREANKER      55'      8
EQUITY      56'      8
AD ASTRA      57'      8
DOUBLE FEATURE      57'      8
SABORE      58'      8
MARMOT      67'      8
BRAVEHEART      54'      9
FANTASY ISLAND      58'     10
FREEDOM      65'     10
PROMENADE      65'     10
ZINGARA      76'     10
LONE STAR      85'     12
WANDERLUST      65'     16
CUAN LAW     105'     20

Crewed Boats - Motor Yacht Charters.

In addition to a fine selection of sailing boats, there are plenty of Motor Yachts to choose from as well. Below is a small selection, but if you are looking for something specific, don't hesitate to contact your broker!

CARABELLA      48'      2
SEMPER FI      64'      6
FLAME      65'      6
RUNAWAY      79'      6
ENLESS'      82'      8
OBSESSION      85'     10

Bare Boat Charters

Bare boat yacht charters are for those with some sailing experience (contact your broker for the exact requirements) who would like to sail their group around the islands alone. However, if you are a little 'rusty' on your sailing skills, or unfamiliar with the particular yacht, charter captains and instructors are available who will happily give you a refresher until you are comfortable to go it alone. Below are some examples of prices for boats in the 2006 season (the variation depends on the time of year). For exact prices please contact your yacht charter broker.


BENETEAU 32 - 2C/1H - $1399 - $2299
BENETEAU 33.2 - 2C/1H - $1499 - $2399
BENETEAU 35.2 - 2C/1H - $1399 - $2299
JEANNEAU 37 - 2C/1H - $1599 - $2599
BENETEAU 411 - 3C/2H - $2199 - $3199
JEANNEAU 45 - 3C/3H - $2399 - $3699
GIBSEA 47.2 - 4C/4H - $2499 - $4299
BENETEAU 505 - 5C/5H - $2799 - $4999


ISLAND SPIRIT - 4C/2H - $2999 - $4399
LAGOON 380 - 4C/2H  - $3199 - $4799
LAGOON 410 - 4C/4H - $3999 - $5699
LEOPARD 4500 - 4C/4H - $4499 - $6299 

If you want to do a bit of planning in advance, we highly recommend getting a copy of the Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands. It is packed full of all the information you need to know about cruising in the British Virgin Islands.

Featured Boats

All of the boats pictured below are available for charter in the British Virgin Islands. For more information and to book your yacht charter contact Amazing Charters at the website below;

Sea Horse Yacht Charters





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